Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Recap

Let's get right to it, shall we?

Saturday morning I volunteered at the BARCS vaccine clinic as I do the first Saturday of every month. If you are in the Baltimore area I highly recommend bringing your pets. I for instance take my pets to see our regular vet yearly for check ups but when it comes to getting the shots, I take them to the vaccine clinic. The clinic provides low cost rabies, distemper, microchip, and licensing. Why pay the high prices at the vet when you can save yourself money elsewhere? Plus all proceeds go to the animal shelter. It's a win, win!

Because I was volunteering, I was unable to attend the One Million Pibble March which was held in DC. I was so disappointed that I missed it! For anyone else who missed it, here is Rebecca Corry's speech. 

"I am shocked by how many people don't even know BSL exists in America and by how many Americans think dog fighting ended when a cowardly mediocre football player got caught." -Rebecca Corry

Saturday evening I went home to Bel Air to celebrate my brother's 19'th birthday. We had a crab feast and watched the Kentucky Derby. It was great family time and I really enjoyed it!

Sunday seemed to drag on because by then I hadn't seen my fiance since Friday night and I wouldn't see him until Monday evening (he works doubles on both Saturday and Sunday- 8 more hours of work until I'm off and headed to celebrate Cinco de May with him!). So I spent the day getting some house work done then I headed out for some pampering... tanning and nails! This time I went with a light pink color because this Wednesday is our engagement session with our photographer and I wanted something subtle.

How was your weekend?

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