Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Brothers Graduation

Yesterday my brother and cousin graduated from C. Milton Wright High School. I am so happy and proud of them. They both have bright futures ahead of them! 

Please disregard my terrible iPhone photos- My brother, James is the tall one in the middle of the picture. My cousin, Dan is the graduate on the right who looks like he is about to walk out of the picture. So amazing that out of 400 graduates and the way the last names were split down the middle , James (Ball) and Dan (Marzullo) ended up walking out only a few graduates apart!

James receiving his high school diploma.

Dan walking across to receive his high school diploma.

The Principle agreed to allow the students to have beach balls (to symbolize them going to the beach for Senior Week) as long as they waited until the end. The Principle kicked it off by throwing her own beach ball out into the crowd. It was such a fun moment!

James with our grandparents. Sun was in their eyes!

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