Friday, April 10, 2015

Five On Friday

Another addition of Friday randoms for ya'll! Have a great weekend :)

1. I don't weigh myself but I think I've gained a pound or two over winter. I just don't feel or look as healthy. Luckily this warmer weather has allowed me to start back up with my daily walks during lunch. I'm also going to be implementing this "anywhere workout" into my routine. It's perfect for me because I need something quick and simple!

2. Book recommendations... I need book recommendations! These warm evenings have me wanting to curl up on my patio loveseat with wine in hand and a good book to read. I know The Girl on the Train is the hottest out right now but has anyone read it? Any other recommendations? How about Last One Home ? Thank you, friends!

3. Who knew Burt's Bees had a line of pet products? Shampoos, conditioners, ear and eye cleaners... you name it. I'm trying this lotion out on my dog Harley in hopes that it'll help his irritated and dry skin. We've been to multiple vets and spent lots of money on medications that make him drowsy only to be told that they do not know what is causing it or how to fix it. He itches and bites himself constantly so we have to put shirts on him to keep his skin from breaking. We know that pit bulls are known to have skin issues so I'm just going to keep on trying different things until he is out of pain and his skin is smooth. Prayers please!

4. Have you entered the $300 Nordstrom gift card giveaway yet? You have until April 23rd to enter daily! {Winner will be notified by email}

5. Baltimore weekend happenings- Wicked @ the Hippodrome, Heavy Seas Waterfront Festival @ the Inner Harbor, Opening Day @ Camden Yards, Tot Swap {children's consignment sale} @ Timonium Fairgrounds, Tattoo Convention @ The Convention Center, Bob Dylan @ The Lyric, and the Train Show @ Timonium Fairgrounds

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