Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend in Pictures

A weekend that revolved around dogs... the best kind of weekend if you ask me! From babysitting Jon's sister's dog to volunteering for Baltimore Bully Crew, it was great and just the way we wanted to spend it.

{Kiwi fit in just fine with our two big dogs. Duke, our cat, on the other hand likes to keep his distance!}

{I don't think having 3 playful pups is going to help our grass grow back but oh well}

{On our way to the PetValu event}

{Jon with Bishop- one of the most adorable BBC pups}

{It got cold so Bishop requested a hoodie ;) }

{Sunday morning play session}

{My boys!}

{Our back yard is starting to come together. Now we just need some string lights and a patio umbrella {I'm trying to find one at a reasonable price... suggestions?}}

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