Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Beautiful Barn Wedding

Last weekend I was in a wedding for one of my very best friends. I was so incredibly honored to be her matron of honor and stand next to her as she said "I do". It was a gorgeous day and these pictures just do not do it justice!

{The rehearsal was on Thursday. Check out Fred the dog... he lives at the farm. Isn't he just adorable?}

{All of the girls arrived at the venue early Saturday morning to get dolled up}

{Snapshots of the venue before the guests arrived}

{Favors were knives and homemade jam}

{Before we knew it, 4pm came and the bride and groom were committing to each other in front of all their friends and family}

{Reception loving with my hubby}

I wish someone would have video'd my speech. I was so nervous I was shaking! But I'm really proud of it and I'll end this post with what I said to Angelena and Rob that night... 

"Good evening everyone... For those of you who don't know me, my name is Justine and I am the matron of honor and best friend of the bride. I want to start off by saying that every once in a while two people meet and you know it's meant to be. You know instantly that the stars have aligned. That was clearly the case over 10 years ago when Angelena and I first met. {haha}

Angelena and I have been best friends since high school and we truly just get each other. Memories of growing up with you flood my mind and bring joy to my heart because you mean so much to me. You are genuinely one of the greatest women I know. {This is where I choked up} You are selfless, hardworking, and beautiful. Today I am so happy for your because you have officially married your soul mate.

 Rob, you are a lucky man. I will never forget the first time I met you... it was also the first time you and Angelena got together. I remember thinking "wow this guy came out to Walmart at midnight on black Friday and braved all of the crazy shoppers with us... he must really like her!" The rest was history.

I am so incredibly happy for the both of you and I wish you both a lifetime of love, happiness, ease, and abundance. Everyone please join me in raising a glass and congratulating the bride and groom. Cheers and God bless!"

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