Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend Recap {Happy Memorial Day!}

Not that it'll ever be enough but THANK YOU to those who serve our country, THANK YOU to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, and THANK YOU to the family and friends of those men and women... because after all, they carry the heaviest burden. Today more then ever I am counting my blessings.
In previous years I've attended our family bbq or spent the long weekend at our family beach house but this year Jon and I kept it low key. We stayed in Baltimore and didn't really do much of anything! Which was a nice change of pace and just what we Jon needed after a very busy week of work for him.
On Saturday we headed down to Fells Point and did lunch at Papi's Tacos! Friends of ours rave about it so we were really excited to finally try it. And it was good... damn good! Afterwards we walked around the square, stopped in Kooper's for another drink and some crab dip, and then sat by the water to enjoy the beautiful weather. When a few ducks walked up to us I remembered I had some leftover bread and crab dip in our take home box from lunch. They'd enjoy the bread more than I would so it went to them. The highlight of my day!
The rest of the weekend was spent getting errands and chores done and spending time on our back patio. We made the most amazing shrimp on our grill and I'll be sharing the recipe tomorrow so stay tuned. Mmmm sooo good :)
Have a great week, friends!
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