Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tequila, Tequila!

Saturday night we celebrated Jon's 26th birthday and mother's day with his family. We had them over around 4pm for dinner and drinks. Shortly after, friends started showing up for all the fun! 

{Uncle Jon had some help on the grill by his nephew, Logan}

{Jon and his best friend, Josh... the "bearded wonders"}

{Jon's grandmas and his sweet niece, Emma}

A good time was had by all and we were glued to playing flip cup all night. Definitely brought me back to my college days!

Jon's drink of choice is tequila and that's no secret to all of our friends so naturally that was what he was gifted. 4 bottles of top shelf to be exact... And that night, we killed 2 of them. I'm not a tequila drinker but I DID partake in it Saturday night. That resulted in quite the hangover Sunday morning... oops!

Thank you friends for being so great to us and being a part of our celebration. To those who couldn't make it: we missed you! And to my hubby: here's to hoping this is your best year yet... I love you!

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