Monday, May 18, 2015

Atlantic City Recap

I'm back after a little unannounced break from blogging! Last week Jon and I went to Atlantic City for a few days to celebrate his birthday. I meant to check in with ya'll but got a little side tracked being on vacation. I guess gambling will do that to ya ;) Just kidding... I'm not much of a gambler. In fact somehow I managed to make $100 last me three days on the electronic roulette table and in the end {after some ups and downs} I only lost $20. Jon always laughs at me because I play very conservative and he does NOT!

He takes risks. Sometimes he wins a lot and sometimes he loses a lot. And lets just say on this trip, it was the lesser of the two that happened. Oops. He was "okay" with it though because 1. he set a limit in his mind of what he wanted to spend and 2. he truly loves to play the games. For the last two years we have gone to AC for his birthday and I'm pretty sure we are going to make that a tradition. For us it's only about 2 to 2.5 hours to drive and if you stay during the week, you can usually get pretty good hotel deals. We normally stay at Harrah's but next year I think we might try Borgata. We feel like Harrah's is "our place" but Borgata is just absolutely breathtaking. So we shall see what we decide next year.

I hope ya'll had a great week and weekend! Hasn't the weather been beautiful? Here's our AC trip in pictures {gambling, eating, drinking, concerting, swimming... you name it, we did it} and I'll be back tomorrow to share May's MissionCute box!

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