Thursday, May 21, 2015

Broadview Entertainment & Products

Do ya'll remember the barn wedding I posted about recently? It was the wedding of my best friend! The night was one to remember and brought back memories of my own wedding. I've shared a lot about my wedding on the blog but I just realized I forgot to tell ya'll about my DJ's! They were simply amazing and took the reins which is exactly what this busy bride needed. 

{Henry announcing us as husband and wife for the very first time}

When planning a wedding you have lots of choices for your vendors. In my own opinion, some things hold a higher value. Like food... you need to have good food. And entertainment... you need to have good entertainment for your guests. Ever been to a wedding where the DJ just isn't upbeat and plays the wrong kind of music? Yeah, that's never fun. Knowing this, I did my research before booking anything. And when I say research, I mean I did a TON OF research! I wanted to make sure I was making the best decisions... because {after all} this was mine, my husbands, and our parents hard working money we were talking about. And lets just say we aren't made of money. Ya feel me?

{Henry and Jay setting up before our ceremony}

We booked Broadview Entertainment & Products for our DJ services. Henry Basta Jr. went to high school with Jon and was our MC. Jay Karolenko was our DJ and played the music during our ceremony and reception. We met with Henry in person once and talked to him numerous times before the wedding. In our meeting, Henry went over everything with us... things I didn't even think of. From genre and song preferences and dislikes... to bridal party announcements... to order of reception events... Henry helped us with it all.

{The guests loved when Jay played the Cupid Shuffle}

The day of the wedding Henry and Jay arrived at our venue allowing themselves plenty of time to set up before guests started to arrive. They were reliable and dressed formally. Aside from ceremony songs and the songs for our specialty dances {first dance, father daughter, mother son} we had no idea what songs we {or our guests} wanted to be played. Thankfully Henry and Jay took over. Jay played beautiful music during the seating of our guests, cocktail hour, dinner, and cake cutting. He then was able to read the crowd and knew the right party/dance songs to play during bridal party announcements and throughout the entire reception. Henry was so fun and personable! He got our guests excited during announcements and kept them on the dance floor all night long. I am so thankful to them because they were so important for the entertainment of our guests!

{It didn't matter what age you were... EVERYONE was out on the dance floor}

Price? Well you just can't beat it. And remember, I did a TON OF research. Soooo, yeah. Their team also offers photography and videography services. Visit their website to inquire more about their services. They have a number of flexible packages and will help fit one to you and your budget. And obviously, they come HIGHLY recommended.

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