Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Day in the Life

A lot of bloggers have been doing this. You basically take pictures of what you do throughout the day. So here it goes, a typical Saturday for me:

7:00 am time to get ready for the day!

7:30 am ironing Jon's work clothes

7:45 am dressed in warm clothes for volunteering ( Racism is the Pits hoodie )

8:00 am heading downtown ( Burberry sunglasses )

8:15 am dropping Jon off for work in Canton ( Mama's on the Half Shell )

8:30 am arrive at BARCS for the vaccine clinic

10:30 am someone shows up with a box full of dogs. I'm all too used to seeing things like this in the city 

12:00 pm leaving downtown ( iOttie )

12:30 pm Pizza Johns for lunch!

4:30 pm home from meeting with the wedding photographer. Time to cuddle with the pups

6:00 pm dinner for the boys

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