Friday, February 14, 2014

Eating healthy... a lifestyle change

For years I have slowly been changing the way I eat- for many reasons including health and the inhumane treatment of animals. I've always been a big animal lover. One time when I was young, a neighborhood friend and I found these cool blue things (we didn't know at the time that they were bird eggs). We thought it was awesome that when you threw them, they would crack open. My dad saw us doing that and all I remember is him sitting us down and explaining to us what we were actually doing. My heart broke, I was so sad and mad at myself. He then made it clear that I was never to touch an egg or nest again. My parents taught me at a young age to respect animals. I grew up with my family dog being a boxer (all the neighborhood kids were scared of him... I never knew why; he was the biggest baby and scared of his own shadow). And we had a cat, Bud. He was an indoor and outdoor cat... my mom let him roam the neighborhood during the day if he wanted to (all the neighbors knew and loved him) and he came home every night before it got dark. One night he didn't come home and it was dark... I wouldn't go to sleep until I found him. We drove around the neighborhood calling for him. Finally I went outside for one last time and there he was! God I loved those guys. We had to put Elvis down due to a massive tumor. Bud passed away months after Elvis... I think he missed Elvis.

Picture of Elvis and Bud that we keep in my parents foyer.

I watched Food Inc. in 2008 and it really opened my eyes and prompted me to make changes in my life... because it hurt my heart to see what animals go through. My first step was to buy only organic eggs from cage free chickens. Then I started buying meat without hormones. Now, in 2014 I barely eat meat, I eat vegan bacon, and I no longer drink cows milk... I have switched to almond milk. Even if you aren't an avid animal lover, or you love meat and don't plan on ever changing that, please inform yourself of what you are consuming and watch Food Inc. My fiancĂ©, Jon loves meat... chicken wings to be specific. He will never stop eating them but he started watching Food Inc. with me last night when I watched it again. It definitely gave him a different perspective. It's not just about meat... it shows you how a few large companies have taken over what our society consumes. It shows exactly what chemicals are in your produce and other grocery items like cereal, ketchup, etc.

What chemicals and corporate farming has done to chickens.

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