Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Support SB247 and Help Save Dogs from Entering Maryland Shelters

Hi guys! So this post is more of a personal plea.  My family and friends are probably so sick and tired of hearing about abused and neglected dogs, or about dogs who need out of the shelter before they are euthanized- but this isn't about that... I promise.  This is a call to action to stop many dogs from entering the shelter in the first place.

Tomorrow, Feb 6th is the Senate Judiciary hearing where compromise dog bite legislation ...bill SB247 will be discussed. This bill, if enacted, would overturn the Solesky ruling deeming Pit bulls inherently dangerous and holding third parties liable in dog bite cases. SB247 is fair to both the owner and victim and treats all breeds with equality.

In order for SB247 to pass it must first make it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee by majority vote, UNAMENDED. This is where we lost last year. If an amendment is added to this bill it will once again quickly die. This cannot happen-
thousands of family dogs are being forced into crowded shelters and ultimately are being euthanized because of this. This may very well be our last chance.

If you have just 2 minutes in your day, please call the Constituents Services at 410-974-3591 and leave a message stating you are IN FAVOR of passing HB 73 and SB247 with no amendments. All calls will be tallied and the numbers presented to the legislature.

Or if you'd like, please email the representatives below:

James Brochin-

Jennie M. Forehand-

Brian E. Frosh-

Lisa A. Gladden-

Stephen S. Hershey, Jr.-

Nancy Jacobs-

C. Anthony Muse-

Jamin B. (Jamie) Raskin-

Christopher B. Shank-

Norman R. Stone, Jr.-

Robert A. (Bobby) Zirkin-

This is King. He is a 9 month old pit bull who was a family pet. He does great with other dogs and young children, he is lovable, he is housetrained, and he knows basic commands.  His family was forced to surrender him to the animal shelter because their landlord would not allow King to live there… because of the Solesky ruling. Thankfully, Baltimore Bully Crew has pulled King from the shelter and he is currently doing wonderfully in a foster home and waiting for his forever home. But there are many other dogs just like King who don’t get a happy ending and end up being euthanized. If you’ve ever loved a pit bull please do something. Heck if you aren’t a pit bull person, a dog person, or even a pet person at that… please do something; because SB247 will protect the community and ensure a safe society.
You can't complain of injustice when you didn't do your part to stop it. Please contact today! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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