Friday, February 21, 2014

Restaurant Review, Clementine

Name: Clementine

Location: 5402 Harford Road Baltimore, Maryland 21214 In the city (Hamilton/Lauraville) not far from the county. Keep heading down Harford Road and you will hit downtown. The restaurant is surrounded by other cute spots like Hamilton Tavern and The Green Onion.

Prices: Our total bill was around $90 and we got a bottle of wine, one beer, the duck nachos appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert. Thursdays are their wine nights so you can get a pretty good bottle of wine for only $11-$15... a total steal and a must if you go on a Thursday. (Side note: If you don't finish your bottle of wine, they will cork it up for you, throw it in a brown bag, and attach a receipt so you can legally carry it out and take it home!!)

Food: We were really looking forward to the duck nachos but they were just okay. The duck was absolutely amazing but we wish there was more of it on there. The tortilla chips seemed home made and they tasted really good! But the cheese, guacamole, and salsa tasted a bit bland to us... nothing special.

I got the catfish entrée. I loved how the fish was cooked and the shrimp sauce. It paired well with the cheddar grits that were served with it. I wasn't so impressed with the wilted lacinato... very bland.

Jon got the pork chop entrée which was recommended by our server and he loved it. It was perfectly cooked and served in some kind of apple reduction- SO good! His entrée came with smoked gouda mashed potatoes that didn't have much of a smoky flavor but more of a garlic flavor. We were both really happy with what we got. The portions were enough that we each took home about half of our entrees.

The brownie is what we chose for dessert. It was very rich but nothing special to us... we wished we would have picked something else.

Ambiance: There are two rooms. The first one is the one you walk in... it has the bar, waiting area, and seating. The second room has seating, a children's play area, and the kitchen. We sat in the second room along the wall. The rustic wood tables were set with a linen napkin. When we sat down the bus girl immediately greeted us, poured us waters, and served us bread and butter (The bread was good but the butter was not soft). Our server was great, attentive, and gave us honest opinions of the food and what we should (or shouldn't) get- I liked that. He gave us new forks and knives after our appetizer/ before our entrees. He cleaned the table and brought us dessert forks when the brownie came out. No complaints here!

PS. I swear I don't live in my Baltimore Bully Crew  hoodie. It just seems like every time I take a picture, I happen to be wearing it ;)


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