Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Home Updates!

Okay, maybe I should've named this "Home Changes!" because it's not like we are doing renovations over here... just changing things around and decorating :) In fact my entire bedroom is different than the last time I shared it on here. So much that I think it deserves its own post so that'll be for another day. For now though, here's what's been going on in the Ciemny household:

In the living room I added some picture frames to our record player {Yes, this is actually a working record player that I bought off of craigslist for $50}. I love how the light and dark colored frames look! Some of these frames were wedding gifts and others were moved from other areas of the house. I love shopping in my home and moving things around. You can redecorate without spending a dime! Oh and that frame all the way on the left is from the Dollar Store. Can you tell? {Angel}

On our end table I added a tray that we were gifted for our wedding. I think fresh flowers really make a home so this vase always has a beautiful bouquet! I've also put an album full of photos from our rehearsal dinner and honeymoon for guests to look at while they are visiting.

Next up, I finally completed our wedding album and was so excited to add it to our ottoman next to my favorite mirrored tray {bought at HomeGoods but similar here}!

I actually bought this snake plant from a nice lady off of craigslist for $10 including the beautiful pot. She told me it was low maintenance so I figured I could handle it. It's already starting to die on me! I don't know if I'm watering it too much or too little. She told me to water it once a week and that's what I'm doing. Any suggestions from you green thumbs out there would be appreciated ;) {stair treads}

This might be my favorite update yet! I had my eye on this mirrored table from Target for a while. It was $70 but I wanted to hold out and see if it ever went on sale. Black Friday came and went and still nothing. Finally about 2 weeks ago I decided to randomly check on it and to my surprise it was on clearance for $49!!! I jumped on it and also went through Ebates so that I could earn money back on my purchase. Unfortunately it is now out of stock. {ChairThrow Blanket}

I moved my "bar cart" from the corner of my dining room to this little space in my kitchen. I've also rearranged it and added some glasses that we were gifted at our wedding!

We have so many things on the counters in our kitchen so I'm constantly moving things around. Right now I'm loving how this area is looking.

And I love this little coffee area too! Condiment set from Pottery Barn {gifted to us at our wedding}.

I recently told ya'll about this valance a few posts ago. I simply adore it.

Moving upstairs, I took the chalkboard seating chart from my wedding {that we bought as a frame from HomeGoods and made ourselves} and turned it into a beautiful sign hanging above our staircase. Seeing this every morning before I head out to conquer the day is a great reminder of who I want to be... a follower of Jesus Christ.

Last but certainly not least, I changed out my white shower curtain for this curtain from Pottery Barn. You can bet I waited until it went on sale... and unfortunately it is no longer available! {Valance}

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