Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Honeymoon in Jamaica, Part 1

{On the way to Jamaica we bumped our seats up to first class so that we could enjoy all of the amenities like free beer, breakfast, pillows, and blankets, etc.}

{About to land!}

{Pit stop before arriving at the resort}

{A room with a view}

{Our bed was made beautifully every day}

{Our first evening we decided to get ready and head out to explore the resort}

{The gorgeous pier at Sandals Grande Riviera}

{Behind me is where the Jamaican fishermen would wait every day to take people out to fish}

{On the farthest end of the resort, looking out over the ocean}

{Day 2: Our first day on the beach- Cheers!}

{Lunch on the beach was everything we imagined}

{The second night we were there, the resort held a big beach party where guys were chopping coconuts for us to drink rum out of!}

{Splitting our yummy drink}

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