Thursday, January 8, 2015

Honeymoon in Jamaica, Part 3

{In the afternoon on day 4 we headed to Mystic Mountain for some fun. On the way we saw some wild goats which are really common in Jamaica!}

{Perfect timing... the storm passed}

{Warning: In the following photos we look like absolute goofballs}

{Headed up the mountain on a ski lift}

{What a view! And we're only halfway up}

{It's pretty impossible to not look ridiculous in this get up so we decided just to own it}

{Ready to go}

{Sorry, no pics of us actually ziplining and bobsledding ;( But when we got back we had a cute towel/snail on our bed haha}

{We quickly got ready and headed to the huge New Years Eve bash}

{We made some friends earlier in the week... here's all 6 of us posing with the ice sculptures}

{Our new friends}


{Jon and Tony}

{Patiently waiting for midnight to roll around}

{Happy New Year ya'll! I hope 2014 treated you well and here's to hoping that 2015 is even better!!! God bless}

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