Monday, January 12, 2015

Honeymoon in Jamaica, Part 4

{Day 5: Recovering from New Years Eve on the beach}

{Do the bags under my eyes scream hungover or what?}

{Sunglasses = muchhhh better haha}

{We ended the day with dinner at the hibachi place. Soooo good}

{Loving the wild life in Jamaica}

{Day 6: Breakfast with a amazing view}

{Time to check out of our villa}

{Headed to the airport- Jamaica to Miami}

{The Jamaican airport had a huge selection of liquor at really low prices}

{Jon's drink of choice is tequila so you know we had to take advantage of this photo opp}

{Dinner in Miami!!!!}

{Day 7: Bye Miami! We're headed home to Baltimore}

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