Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm backkkk!

Good morning ya'll! I'm back and busy playing catch up at work today so I won't be sharing honeymoon pictures until tomorrow. But if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you've seen some sneak peeks! And just in case you missed the sneak peeks, here they are...

{The second night we were in Jamaica, the resort threw a big beach party where there were guys cutting up coconuts and serving them with rum. Jon and I split one! They were so good and you couldn't even taste the rum}

{On New Years eve, we went off the resort to go to Mystic Mountain so we could go bobsledding and ziplining... This is us riding the ski lift up the mountain!}

{When we got back, we quickly got ready for the huge New Years Eve party. It was so much fun watching the live entertainment and the food and drinks were on point!}

{When midnight rolled around, we were upfront dancing our butts off. Balloons were falling from the sky and it was definitely a moment to capture}

{Our last morning in Jamaica was absolutely gorgeous which made it that much harder to leave but we were so excited to be going home to our dogs and cat (one of our dogs, Corrado, particularly had a hard time with us being gone)}

{Before we went home though, we spent a night in Miami and wow that place was fun. We will definitely be back for a longer trip and when we are not already exhausted from a honeymoon. Such a cool place!}

And just like that we were home and back to reality.  What a memorable trip that I can't wait to look back on one day!

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