Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

I thought it'd be fun to join a new link up today! So here it is... my random thoughts on this beautiful Thursday :)

* I still can't get over the excitement of my bridal shower a few days ago. Jon's sister made flower arrangements for the party and now I have them as my dining room table centerpiece. Love!

* Tomorrow I have my wedding hair trial. Is it weird that I'm nervous for that?

* Wedding invitations went out this week!!!! #isthisreallyhappening

* I think I need to throw a party. I can use my new mixer to whip up some yummy food and my new bucket to fill with beer and wine ;)

* I just realized this post is all about the upcoming wedding and I totally didn't mean to make it that way. Oops! I guess that's all I have going on in my life right now!?

* Well, I can't wait for this weekend... we will be having a graduation dinner for my brother! And Jon is actually not working so he can attend. Yay

James and my parents on his graduation day

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