Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wedding Wednesday, My Bridal Shower

First I'd like to start off by saying once again, THANK YOU to family and friends. Jon and I have been completely spoiled and we couldn't be more grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My bridal shower took place last Sunday at my grandmothers house. She was so gracious to host it and my grandfather was so gracious to help load everything into Jon's truck. My sister aka maid of honor, Jessica and my mom did most of the planning and organizing. My bridesmaids (my sister Brandy, Jon's sister Lauren, and my best friend Angelena) were all so great to help with food, games, and flower arrangements! And my junior bridesmaid (my niece, Londin) handed every gift to me as I opened them. Jon's mom, grandmothers, and aunt brought yummy food too. And my friend, Lena flew in from Florida just for the occasion. Seriously, how lucky am I for all of these people in my life!?

I have to admit the morning of I was feeling a little down because my 2 aunts and cousins, and some friends couldn't make it. To top it off I hit stop and go traffic on my way there- talk about stressful! But when I entered the party I felt nothing but joy and love. Would it be obnoxious for me to say "thank you" once again to everyone!? And now for some pictures...

Jon as a baby, me as a baby, my bridal shower invitation, and a flower arrangement by Jon's sister Lauren


Bridal shower favors put together by my sister, Jessica

Ombre candles as favors

Each ombre candle consisted of etched votives by Two Sweetharts and filled with Pink Zebra fragrances!

Banner by Two Sweetharts

Our engagement portrait on the gift table!

Cupcakes by Deanna's Dreamcakes

When I first arrived with my sash, pin, and bride to be flute by Two Sweetharts

With my sister Jessica, sister Brandy, and niece Londin

With my best friend Angelena, sister Jessica, sister Brandy, and niece Londin

Jon's grandma Kit, gGram, and Aunt Rae

Opening gifts

Just some of the Jon's family that was there

Mrs. Kathy, Lena, Courtney, and Angelena

One of the games was whoever said "wedding" had to wear the veil. Here's my grandmother with it on.

And here's my sister, Brandy (who so graciously put together all of the games) with it on!

A gift from Jon's nephew, Logan. His and Herr's potato chips... how cute

More gifts!


My sister, Jessica made the bow hat

It was so big and heavy

With my sister Jessica, friend Lena, friend Courtney, and friend Angelena

With my sister Brandy, friend Angelena, friend Courtney, sister Jessica, friend Lena, and niece Londin

With Jon's grandma Kit, my grandmother, and Jon's gram

With my grandmother and my mom

With my niece Londin, sister Brandy, and sister Jessica

With my sister Brandy, friend Angelena, friend Courtney, sister Jessica, friend Lena, and niece Londin

With Jon's sister Lauren and niece Emma

With my mom

With my sister, Brandy and sister, Jessica

A beautiful handmade gift from my best friend, Angelena. Check out her business The Rustic J.A.R Primitive Crafts

And another gift from Angelena that I LOVED- 6 bottles of wine each of them we are supposed to drink on different occasions. So thoughtful!

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