Thursday, July 24, 2014

Random Thursday Thoughts

1. You can really learn a lot about Jon and I just from our nightstands!
Jon's nightstand includes: *A vase of flowers and tissues on a silver platter (If you can't tell, I put that there) *A lighter *Gatorade *Alarm clock *Money *Gun under his side of the bed (not pictured)
My nightstand includes: *Bible and other books *Lamp *Buddha statue *Fiji water *Vase with potpourri

2. I am loving this bubble bath nail color by OPI and I think it's perfect for the wedding!

(Mirrored tray from HomeGoods but similar herethrow blanket)

3. Obsessed with this necklace that came in my MissionCute box this month. I will do a full post on that tomorrow so stay tuned!!!

I am joining this link up today...

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