Monday, July 14, 2014

Home Update: Stair Treads!

Happy Monday ya'll! Hope you all had a great weekend- I know I did.

So about 2 years ago Jon and I had just came home from a Ravens game (yes, I was a bit tipsy) and I was playing with my dog. In the mix of excitement, I fell coming down my stairs. My elbow was so swollen and painful that I swore I broke something. A trip to Express Care the next day confirmed that I did not (Thank God). But this wasn't the first time I had slipped on those stairs and it certainly wasn't the last. 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I slipped yet again. That was it, I knew we had to come up with some sort of solution. I looked into getting a custom runner installed but that proved to be pretty pricey. I couldn't just get a normal runner and install it myself because my stairs turn at the top. If I had just a straight staircase though, that's what I would've gone with. How chic does this stair runner look with the stair rods? LOVE!

So I started to look into individual stair treads. To be honest I like the look of a runner a lot better but for my price range, stair treads were the way to go. I decided to buy these ones and I am very happy with them! I also went through Ebates and earned cash back on my purchase. Also note that these particular stair treads came with an adhesive on the back for easy installation! So what do you think?...

(Sign from The Rustic J.A.R Primitive Crafts) I'm also looking into getting this mirrored vase to go right below the sign. Just not sure if it'll look right though!

I think the mirrored vase would match well with my mirrored tray which you can see in the background of the picture below. I got it on sale at HomeGoods but you can find it similar here !!!

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