Thursday, July 17, 2014

Putting Together My Wedding Invitations

Yesterday's post was all about my invitations (the design, where I got them from, the cost, etc.) and today just as promised, I'm going to tell you how I put them together. I didn't really have to do anything if I didn't want to- I could have sent them out to guests just as they were. But I wanted to dress them up a bit and put a more personal touch just like I did with my save the dates. I put my love into each invitation.

First I literally googled "how to dress up an invitation" and in the images I stumbled upon this. Perfect! Simple, cheap, and oh so cute. I believe that invitations pave the way for the wedding and really let guests know what to expect. My wedding is going to be classic, shabby chic, and (obviously) gold and sea foam!

I used this green paper (that I had leftover from my save the dates) for the heart. I ordered this heart shaped craft punch. And got the twine from the dollar store.

I printed J & J on the green paper using monotype corsiva as the font (this is also the font I used to address each envelope). Then I cut out 50 hearts and little holes into each one.

(Sorry for the weird coloring. This photo makes the hearts look more blue than they really are)

Next was cutting twine to the perfect length, looping the twine through the heart, and tying the perfect bow.

Each envelope and return envelope had our personalized stamps put on and they were ready to go!

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