Wednesday, July 16, 2014

All About My Wedding Invitations

I have been dying to share all about my wedding invitations with you!!!

When I started planning my wedding I first decided what colors I would be using (golds and sea foam colors). Then I designed my website- because I wanted to keep family and friends updated on everything. I chose to do my website through because it was free and seemed very easy to do! The luscious lacing design just so happened to match the vision I had for my wedding so it all worked out quite well.

Fast forward to about a month or 2 ago when I needed to order my wedding invitations. I looked on various websites but nothing seemed to pop out at me. Finally I stumbled across Wedding Paper Divas which is in a partnership with TheKnot and what do ya know... they had an invitation that matched my website! How perfect... I love when things come together :)

I ordered a sample for just $1 (sometimes they offer coupon codes for free samples!) and it was simply beautiful. Just what I imagined. Time to order the invitations! I ordered 50 Luscious Lacing: Umber invitations (No trim, flat, signature matte, white square envelopes, no liner) and 50 Luscious Lacing: Umber response cards (No trim, signature matte,  white square envelopes). I personalized everything and even got the response cards to say how many were attending instead of an entree choice (because at my wedding each guest can have both entrees if they really want)! They arrived beautifully packaged and I couldn't wait to send them out.

Last but not least I ordered personalized stamps with mine and Jon's names as well as our wedding date. Here is the final product! Stay tuned because I will be doing a complete diy post tomorrow about how I put them together and dressed them up a bit!

And now the cost breakdown:

50 invitations and 50 response cards- $214.00
Shipping- $8.50
Tax- $10.91
Total= $233.41
Minus $32.11 for a coupon code I used
Final total= $201.30

100 personalized stamps- $110.75
Shipping- $6.39
Tax- $0.00
Total= $117.14
Minus $9.70 for a coupon code I used
Final total= $107.44

Twine- $1.00
Heart craft punch- $16.99 (will be used for other wedding projects)
Green paper- $13.49 (was used for save the dates and will be used for other wedding projects)
Total= $31.48

All in all I probably could have done better cost wise but I'm really happy with how they turned out! Don't forget to look for coupon codes and re-use items throughout your wedding!

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