Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Do It Yourself Detox Drink

Okay so I'm kind of cheating... I don't have a food recipe to share today but I do have a drink recipe. A recipe for a detox drink to be specific. I'm getting married in less than 2 weeks and I wanted something to help me slim up... ya know, get rid of the extra bloat in my stomach. This simple drink will do just that while also ridding your body of all it's toxins. I've been drinking this every morning just because of the upcoming wedding but afterwards I will probably go down to a couple of days a week.

What you'll need:
1. Hot water
2. Half a lemon
3. Cayenne pepper

What to do:
1. You'll need hot water so I have done this 2 ways- 1. When I have been in a rush in the morning I have turned my kitchen sink to the hottest it gets (mine in particular gets really hot) for a minute then I fill my glass up. 2. I boil water then pour it my glass until it's half full. Then I fill it the rest of the way with room temperature water.
2. Immediately after filling your glass with hot water, squeeze 1/2 of a lemon into it. Sometimes when I'm done I even throw the remaining lemon right into the water.
3. Sprinkle with cayenne pepper. Stir. (You can sprinkle as much or as little cayenne pepper as you like. I personally just do a little bit because it can get pretty spicy)

It is said that "Lemon juice and cayenne pepper both have anti-fungal, immune boosting, and detoxification properties. Lemon juice is great for digestion, destroying bacteria and cleansing the system - it supports the liver and kidneys to get rid of toxins.
Cayenne pepper increases metabolism, stimulates the circulatory system, aids digestionhelps regulate blood sugar and more. Put them together and you have a very powerful cleansing drink!" Source Enjoy :)

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