Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life lately...

Life has been pretty hectic lately now that we are down to less than a week before the wedding! Between work and doing last minute wedding projects, I haven't had much time to do anything... I've mentioned before that I've been MIA this summer and I owe my friends an apology. I can't wait for Fall and to have my life back :) ... can you believe I still haven't gotten to the beach yet?

Thank you all for understanding and hanging with me! When you are out of the house 50 hours out of the week for work, it is really hard to juggle pets, life chores and errands, a fiance, blogging, and planning a wedding in just 8 months. It doesn't help that I'm OCD and decided to scrub all the walls in my house this weekend... not like I had anything better to do, right!? ;)

Anyways, I'm glad Jon and I got to squeeze in brunch at Maggie's Farm this weekend. We will definitely be back... it was simply delicious.

This week I finished putting together gifts for the bridal party and parents. I hope everyone likes what we got them... I truly put my heart and love into each gift. It was so important to me for everyone to know how much I appreciate them!

Do you remember my post about the WeddingMix app? If not, you can see it here. I decided to put together this cute little sign which will be displayed on the guest book table.

That's about it folks. I don't have much more in me so this will be my last post before the wedding! Thursday is my rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, Friday is the bachelorette party, Saturday is my day of rest and pampering, Sunday is the big day, and Monday- Wednesday we will be at our family's beach house with our dogs (our honeymoon isn't until December and we will be going to Jamaica). I will be back next Thursday to start sharing all of the details!!!!

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