Friday, August 15, 2014

Five on Friday, Gift Ideas for College Students

Happy Friday! Today I am traveling to WVU to help my little brother move into his freshman dorm. I am really excited for him and kind of nervous (and I'm not even the one going off to college!). I know how it felt when my parents dropped me off 4 hours away from home for the first time- I was completely alone. To help James adjust I got him a few gift cards to food joints near his dorm. I thought that maybe when he got tired of eating off his food plan, a meal from buffalo wild wings might make him feel better and remind him of home :)

In lieu of today's happenings I am posting 5 gift ideas for college students.

1. The Naked Roommate oh my gosh how funny does this cover look? I remember some of the roommate issues I had throughout college, maybe this book would have given me a laugh along the way and a reminder that I'm not the only one with roommate troubles!

2.Water bottle with storage I absolutely love this gift idea and it's perfect for a college student. Who doesn't need hydration throughout a long school day? AND you can put money, id, and room key in the storage compartment!!! 

3. College Cookbook what college student isn't on a budget? This cookbook teaches you how to make meals for UNDER $5!!!

4. Coffee Mug because you know they are going to live off of coffee during finals week- Might as well get them a festive mug for whichever school they attend :)

5. Bath Caddy if you want to get them something essential, you can't go wrong with a bath caddy filled with goodies that they'll need. The caddy can be re-used as storage for almost anything. I think I even ended up using mine for desk storage. Pens, highlighters, and staples filled that baby up!

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