Thursday, August 21, 2014

Restaurant Review, Cunningham's Towson

I just want to start out by saying that I loved this spot and I can't wait to go back... it's perfect for both dinner and drinks with the girls and date night with the hubs.

Name: Cunningham's

Location: 1 Olympic Place Towson, Maryland 21204 It is located in the tall Towson University building (they provide complimentary valet if you park in that garage) that you can see from the Towson circle. It's right across from the mall and a block from all of the local bars so it is basically situated perfectly... and only 20 minutes (tops) from downtown Baltimore! 

It actually reminded me a lot of mine and Jon's favorite restaurant, Linwoods, because of 3 things: 1. It was absolutely beautiful inside 2. It's located in a business building 3. The kitchen is open so you can watch the chefs cook.

Prices: We thought that some things were priced too high and others were priced accurately. For instance we got the scallops appetizer ($12) and it only came with 2 medium sized scallops! Eek- definitely won't get that again, although the flavor was on point.

A glass of Albarino wine was $9 and Jon's beers were $7 a piece... a dollar or two more than I would have liked to spend (take note: Tuesday's are their half priced bottle of wine nights) 

Food: Like I said, we split the scallops as an appetizer (I forgot to take a picture of it). The scallops tasted fantastic and the green curry vinagrette was to die for. The only thing that I didn't like was the broccoli that comes with it, is served cold... oh and the fact that they only give you 2 freakin scallops!

I went with the local greens salad and mac and cheese. Okay ya'll the salad was absolutely amazing and I want to go back just to get that! It changes seasonally but this summer salad had watermelon, strawberrys, radish, pistachios, and goat cheese... mmmmm!

The mac and cheese was of course home made and they used white cheddar cheese topped with bread crums. Talk about melt in your mouth.

Jon got the "Creekstone Farms Cheeseburger". He enjoyed it but it was cooked as well done when he asked for medium well. No bigge... he still ate the whole thing in 10 minutes ;) oh and those fries- the best fries I've ever had. Similar to Thrashers (in OC)

Ambiance: We sat outside in the dining section. They also have a self seating section outside with lounge seating- it would be perfect for drinks and appetizers with friends (umm friends when would you like to get together?)! 

Inside was absolutely gorgeous... remember I said it reminded me of Linwoods? This is the perfect spot for dates and anniversarys!!! They have a separate room with the bar which is just as gorgeous and also a cool spot where you can sit "high-top" style and watch the chefs.

Wait... I almost left without mentioning the wine cellar right next to the hostess stand. This place was gorgeous people.

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