Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend... I know I did. I can't say the same for this morning though- I woke up feeling nauseous. Today is going to be a longggg day. So lets get right to the weekend recap! Friday night I had a dinner date with one of my best friends, Meg. We have been friends for years and she truly means a lot to me so it was nice to catch up over dinner and drinks at Mamas on the Half Shell. I might be partial but I have to say our server was pretty sexy (our server was Jon). Anyways we ordered some wine, the salmon appetizer, and seafood manicotti (both were on special that night). Everything was absolutely delicious!!! 

A cute older man always walks around Canton selling roses so Jon bought us each one. He's a keeper isn't he!?

We finished up the night with glasses of sangria at Plug Ugly's. Ya'll if you ever go there, you HAVE TO try their sangria- it is to die for. How beautiful does my rose look on my end table? It's a couple of days old now and it's doing great!

On Saturday Jon and I had a meeting with our Pastor who is marrying us. We basically ran through the entire ceremony and it made it all surreal. Kind of scary! Afterwards we took a trip to the mall for some shopping and had a low key dinner at home. It felt awesome to just relax. 

On Sunday Jon and I did a grocery run and made lunch together before he had to go to work. Then I worked on bridesmaids gifts and welcome bags for the wedding. I really wish that I could share some pictures but I can't! Only a few more weeks until the wedding and I will share EVERYTHING!!! Oh and just for the heck of it, here is one of our out takes from Friday night... Hello lazy eye! Have a GREAT week.

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