Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Wednesday, Bachelor Party Care Package

Jon's Bachelor Party was last weekend- Him and all of his friends spent 3 days in Ocean City, Maryland. I truly missed him so much but wanted him to have the time of his life! So I decided to make him a little "Bachelor Party Care Package".

I saw a similar idea on one of my favorite blogs, It's The New Twenty. Michelle recently got married and she did a post about the care package she made for her husband (See post here). How cool are those Hangover Recovery Shots? I couldn't find them anywhere and GNC was sold out of them online! Bummer :( But here's what I DID get:

1. 25 personalized koozies that say "Jon's Wolfpack"- I ordered them from Discount Mugs and was very happy with how they turned out! (Um how funny are these? I ordered more than enough so that each guy would have one for the weekend and I figured if there were any left over we could have them at the house for the next get together)

2. Snacks: Various chips, popcorn, and beef jerky (For late night munchies)

3. Deck of cards (In case they want to strike up a game of poker) 

4. Plastic shot glasses (Because I knew they wouldn't remember to bring shot glasses and who likes drinking from a bottle with 15 other people? Scratch that. Guys totally don't care about that kind of stuff lol)

5. Fireball and cigars (I knew they would have plenty of alcohol but I sent this little bottle because I thought it would be perfect for on-the-go. You know like stuff it in your pocket and walk to the beach/boardwalk kind of thing)

6. Tylenol and Burt's Bees chapstick (You know- the essentials)

7. The Hangover DVD (Not that I thought they would actually have time to watch the movie. I just threw it in there for fun)

I got a cute little card and wrote a personal message (not pictured) to Jon explaining to him how much I love him and how much I really want him to have THE BEST bachelor party EVER. I wrapped the box in some cheesy gold wrapping paper that I had laying around the house. Then I dropped it off at Jon's sister's house on my way to work one morning- her husband gave it to Jon when they got to the beach. 

I was so proud of myself for successfully surprising him. Ladies- if your man and his friends are anything like my man and his friends, than they are terrible planners (sorry guys but it's true!) I knew my girls were putting a lot into my bachelorette party and I wanted Jon's to be just as special. He loved everything and I'm pretty sure I officially get "best new wifey" status ;) So girls I say we make "Bachelor Party Care Package's" the new thing... you know kind of how "Gender Reveal Party's" have taken over this generation... What do ya think!?

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