Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

Ugh I am so sad that Monday is here. I had a great 3 day weekend and I never wanted it to end. Let's jump right into the recap!

If you follow me on here, instagram, or facebook you may have seen that on Friday I helped move my "little" brother into college (I say little in quotations because he is 6 years younger than me but, as you can see, A LOT taller than me... and I'm 5' 4"). He's going to WVU- the same college my sister currently attends (as a "super senior") and the same college I attended 7 years ago for a semester before I transferred to Towson University. As you can see WVU kinda runs in the family ;)

(Baltimore Bully Crew shirt. Please excuse my sweatpants and t-shirt... we left the house at 4am and I wanted to be comfortable for the ride. Don't worry, I changed after we got settled in!)

Look at the line to move into his dorm! 

We had his farewell lunch at Primanti Bros (known for their amazing sandwiches and I have to say their veggie black bean burger was to die for)

I really enjoyed helping James move in and being a part of his big day. Today is his first day of classes and I pray it goes smoothly for him!

Saturday Jon and I had brunch at Freddies Ale House before he had to work. That evening I wasn't feeling so hot so I took that opportunity to catch up on all of my recorded shows on my DVR. I was craving guacamole and chips but didn't have the normal guacamole mix that I use... so I improvised. How many of ya'll love Tastefully Simple products? And specifically the Simply salsa mix? I know I do and I always have some on hand. So I took 1 avocado and mixed in 1/2 cup of the simply salsa mix, plus a spoonful of sour cream. If I had lime and lemon juice I would have added some of that too! It was SO good and I definitely suggest trying it.

(mirrored tray similar here)

Sunday morning I was up bright and early to run some errands (tanning, a trip to the pet store, and ikea for a small haul). I found a great bedspread set at ikea for just $39 and I couldn't pass it up because we have been needing a new bedspread for a while now. I just love how it looks on my mix match bed! What do you think?

Joining this link up today!

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