Tuesday, October 28, 2014

An Easy Weeknight Birthday Dinner

I enjoy going out to eat just like the next person does but nothing is better than a home cooked meal in my opinion. There's just something about it that I love! Maybe it's eating in the comfort of your home, or the fact that you know everything is clean (OCD much?), or perhaps it's the smell that prolongs for days. 

Yesterday was my 25th birthday and my husband and I already celebrated it in New York so I knew this was the perfect opportunity to request a home cooked meal. After all, my husband is a champ in the kitchen but we don't get to enjoy his skills very often because of our busy schedules! Here's what our meal consisted of:

Drinks- pinot grigio and heavy seas winter storm beer
Appetizer- beer cheese soup
Dinner- crab cakes, green beans, garlic mashed potatoes

Sounds delicious right? And it was easy peasy! The beer cheese soup was a tastefully simple item so all I had to add was the beer and milk. For the crab cakes we used a McCormick packet and tweaked it a bit by adding parsley and other seasonings. 

And there was no need for a dessert because we were way too full to even finish our plates! But I have been wanting to make peach cobbler so I think that'll be on the books for this weekend. Keep an eye out for a recipe post next week :)

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