Friday, October 17, 2014

Five Randoms About Me

Hi everyone! Today I am in New York... my hubby planned this trip for my birthday and tonight we will be seeing Eric Church! Sunday we will be at the Ravens game watching them beat the Falcons!!! I can't wait to recap about the weekend and our trip... stay tuned next week :) For today's link up I thought it'd be fun to get a little personal and share 5 random things about me that some people may or may not know. After all I AM an open book! Here we go:

1. I have a degree in Health Care Management from Towson University (and once considered being a nurse) but I myself am absolutely terrified of going to the doctors as a patient and have extreme anxiety about it. I have not been to the dentist in 10 years- I am scared they are going to drop something down my throat. And I have not seen a physician in over 10 years- in fact I don't even have a primary care physician. As a child I would literally kick and scream when my mother took me to the doctor.

(Side note: Don't worry, I DO go to the obgyn once every year but that's only because they threaten to not renew my birth control prescription if I don't go! haha)

2. I have "sensitive ears" and wear big yellow ear muffs every time I vacuum... which is on the daily.

Can you picture it? Yeah it's pretty comical.

3. One time I had a cough attack while driving and the only thing that saved me was drinking water... thank God I had some in my car at the time. I now carry a mini bottle of water in my purse at all times and I always have a(a few) bottle(s) of water in my car just for that reason. My husband calls me a water bottle hoarder!

And by the looks of it I guess he's right?

4. I slept with a pink pillow ever single night until about a year ago. It got to the point where it was lumpy and no longer pink. I decided since I was getting married it was about time I kicked that habit ;) Fun fact: I got the pillow from Ikea when I was a child for under $5 and it was the most comfortable pillow EVER.

Proof that the pink pillow is gone!

5. I have a fear of my cat jumping in the dryer as I am putting clothes in (he's never actually done it). So before I run the dryer I move all the clothes around and check a few times. If he's anywhere near the laundry room, I have to have eyes on him as I push the button. I also have a fear of him jumping in the oven and won't open it when he's in the kitchen.

The little munchkin, Duke.

Now I know I'm not normal but please tell me you all have some quirks too! 

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