Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wedding Wednesday, The Rehearsal Dinner

Immediately following our rehearsal at the venue, we headed to Liberatore's (a phenomenal Italian restaurant) for dinner. Jon's parents put this together and we couldn't be more grateful for that!

Jon's mom picked up beautiful flower arrangements from the farmers market and it really made the tables look beautiful! 

Of course our entire bridal party was in attendance and I was especially happy that our grandparents could be there as well :)

(From the left) my grandfather, Jon's grandmothers, and my grandmother

With our hosts, Jon's parents

The food... oh the food! It was absolutely delicious. 

Rob and Angelena (my best friend and bridesmaid)

My sister (bridesmaid), niece (junior bridesmaid), nephew, and brother in law

Me, my sister (maid of honor), brother (groomsman), mother, and father

And after dinner, Jon's step dad made a very touching speech!

Up next was a mini photo session and then finally gifts...

Jon's niece and nephew

With Jon's grandmothers

With Jon's niece

With Jon's nephew

(From the left) Jon's nephew, Jon's brother, Jon, Jon's brother in law, and Jon's best friend

With my grandparents

With my parents

Me and my siblings

My dress is from Hope's.

Come back next Wednesday to see the gifts I gave to my bridal party, the parents, and grandparents!!!

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